why we are called the heating doctor

We are the best choice of heating for people who are sensitive to allergens and dust.

We provide only energy efficient (60% cost savings vs. fuel heating [1]) and ECO friendly heating system.  Do not need to use furnace or boiler for heating your home. It’s a primary heating system.


It can be installed in one day. No maintenance and worry-free.

This system does not dry the air and heat is distributed evenly throughout the room with no cold spots.

Made to last for the lifetime of any flooring type including pre-engineered hardwood, laminate, carpet, ceramic tile and natural stone.

[1] May vary depending on insulation and existing heating.

innovative design is our mission

Our mission is to help every house with its heating needs by using the latest in technology and to provide the support and professionalism that people can count on.  We also strive to provide an Eco-friendly solution to heating your home by reducing high costs through more efficient heating and having more control on which rooms you NEED to heat.

make your house greener

Heating Type Unit price for supply Monthly usage Heating cost Energy Consumption (%)
Baseboard Heater $0.065/kwh 5231kwh $340.02 100%
Electric Furnace $0.065/kwh 3692kwh $239.98 70.6%
Heating Film $0.065/kwh 2520kwh $163.80 48.2%
1. Monthly usage based on 1065 sq.feet house. (During winter months)
2. The monthly usage of heating types can change by the quality of insulation of the building and    equipment.
3. Gas furnace costs around $220 per month based on customer feedback.
If temperature is low, we need more heating. So, a heating index is increased.
The lower the heating index, the better the heating system.