For who is your system designed for?
Our system is designed for a wide range of consumers from one room to the basement at home to large offices, hospitals and schools. At the moment most of our clients are at home in the country. That are heated only by electricity. With our system, they save significant funds for Hydro.


Is it enough for the main heating system?

Yes, covering 75% of the floor in the room, the system will be sufficient for basic heating. Furnaces or boilers will not be needed. Accordingly, if the system is installed in every room in the house, this will suffice for basic heating. We can install our system in one room (say a room above the garage or a room or addition which is furthest from the furness and the coldest in the house), that’s in and around the house.


Is it possible to install under tile or stone flooring?
Yes, we can install our heating system under tile or stone. But we recommend that you install to any type of a floating floor, which would in the case of desire, you can easily replace the flooring and keep the heating system. For wet areas, kitchen or bathroom, we can offer you a selection of waterproof floating floors.


How is the system powered?
The heating system uses electricity for its operation. Depending on the area of heating, we use 120 to 240 volts.


Because your system uses electricity, how much cost efficient is it?

Since the system uses to heat the far infrared waves, it makes exactly as much heat as the house loses. You do not spend energy to preheat tubes or DAX on the fans or pumps, and get warm once it is at the point where it is not required. What makes our system is 20-50% more economical than the latest high-efficient boilers or furnaces. Moreover, as each room has its own programmable thermostat, you can adjust each room at different temperatures at different times of day that will give you extra 20% savings.
For example, you can program the bedroom
6.30 at 17 C for comfortable sleep
From 6.30 to 8.00 at 21 C, the time when you get up and going to work

From 8.00 to 20.00 at 15 C, the time when in most cases no one in the bedroom

From 20.00 to 00.00 at 21 C. Time when you go to bed.

For the holidays you can create another schedule, according to the schedule of your life.



How much noise does the system produces?
The heating system works noiselessly, because it has no moving parts.



What is the warranty on your heating system,  And what is the period of its life?
We guarantee 15 years on the heating element and 3-year warranty on the thermostat. Since the system itself has no moving parts or complicated electronics, the period of its life is more than 50 years.


What does it mean anions?

We have a section dedicated to that topic on the site. If in general. Our system produces the ionization of air as a bonus. This means that the room will not have any odor and you will feel more comfortable.


My electrician said that with the installation of your system I will  have 240 volts under the floor and it will be dangerous. Is it true danger?
No. All of our systems are CSA approved, and the thermostats have a GFCI sensor that will disable the entire system in case of any problems.


Where can I find your system in action?
We have customers who are willing to share with you the experience of using our system.
Send us an Email letter of your information and we’ll give you a contact information form one of our   customer that’s closest to you. You can call or write directly to the person who has the experience in use of our heating system. And to clarify all your questions. If we do not yet have a client with you in the neighborhood, we will offer you to become one of the first in your area and to install our system at a substantial discount.



Can I buy the material and install the system myself?
Since this system of heating homes, we sell only our system together with professional installation. Our goal is not to leave you a chance to freeze in the winter.


I am a contractor and would like to sell and install your system in their Area?
Yes, of course. We are open to any discussions and suggestions. Send us an Email of your information and we will discuss possible options.


Can I install your system in the garage?
Yes, we can install our system in the garage. When installed in the garage, we set our system over the coating of PVC laminate, which prevents the system from loading, as well as its very durable.


Does your system dry the air?
Our system does not dry the air as furnaces. When running the heating system, humidity is kept at around 40%. This is the best and comfortable. That is, when you use our heating system you will not need any moisturizer or a dehumidifier.