CASE:  The problem with this house is that the attic was too cold.  Baseboard heaters was out of the questions because of the high energy costs and adding ductwork would have required an upgraded furnace.  Dust and allergens was another concern so pushed air from a furnace was also not a solution.

DIAGNOSIS:  MD-House, The Heating Doctor recommended our nano-technology heating film with professional installation.  The energy costs are the lowest compared to any other heating system and the space received uniform and consistent heat without any pushed air.  The unique carbon heating elements also create anions like the naturally occuring charged ions from the sun which keeps the air fresh and clean.

RESULTS:  MD-House, The Heating Doctor completed the installation in one day and the problem was solved.  Now, the family can enjoy a warm and fresh new space in their house.

TESTIMONIAL:  “Thank you Heating Doctor!  We never imagined that our attic could feel so warm.  The costs when you think about the usage cost for this heating system is amazing…I am going to save money.  I definitely recommend MD-House.”