Older House

CASE:  The house is over 120 years old and the original heating system used cast iron radiators and had a coal boiler in the basement. The coal boiler was around 50 years old and partly upgraded to a natural gas line.  This heating system was NOT energy efficient and was NOT environmentally friendly due to the by-product CO2.   At today’s prices to warm up a 4,000 sq ft house with this heating system including the natural gas cost ( basic charge, delivery and etc) would ring in a total Hydro bill of over $8,000 per year.

The following options were considered by the customer:

1. Upgrade the boiler to a new one – TOO EXPENSIVE as cost exceeds $50,000.

2. Install a geothermal system (water to water) – TOO EXPENSIVE TO INSTALL as costs exceed $50,000 AND maintenance costs and cost of use are approximately $5000 per year.

3. Install central air system (like furnace) – TOO EXPENSIVE TO INSTALL DUCTS and PROHIBITIVE due to the age of the home.

4. Install baseboard heaters –  HEALTH ISSUE for the family who have very sensitive skin when exposed to dry air which is one of the big disadvantages of baseboard heaters.  Also baseboard heaters are TOO EXPENSIVE and will raise the hydro bill.

DIAGNOSIS:  MD-House, The Heating Doctor recommended our nano-technology heating film with professional installation.  The energy costs are the lowest compared to any other heating system mentioned and due to the age of the house, the quick and non evasive installation was ideal.  The house is quite large with many rooms and each room had it’s own state of the art thermometer to keep costs down even lower by being able to turn on heat in whichever room required it.  In addition, the nano-technology heating film starts to heat up almost instantly and heat is retained in the floor finish and furniture when the heating system is turned off.

RESULTS:  MD-House, The Heating Doctor completed the installation in only three days.  The expensive heating makeover for the heritage house was avoided and the family is now able to enjoy a warm and an energy efficient home.  The total cost of the project was over 50% to 60% cheaper than the choices the customer was first considering in our CASE description.

TESTIMONIAL:  We love the heating system that MD-House installed for us.  They are truly the heating doctors.  All winter we have constant temperature inside and the warm floors makes are family look forward to winter.  We can forget about wearing slippers and covering our beautiful hardwood floors with rugs. Our hydro bill is about 60% lower than before and we can recover our investment in this heating system within three to four years.  For now, we can say the house has passed two winters with  absolutely no need for maintainance with the same warmth and happiness since we had this heating system installed by MD-House. Total satisfaction with the service and professionalism.  Great product!!!  A+++